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The TEKTA modular houses are designed to go on a concrete plinth/slab.  It is also possible to purchase additional wooden floor units to be installed on the tractor. These floor units replace concrete slabs.

It can be estimated that it will take 1-2 weeks
to prepare plinth/plate. 

The buyer ensures that the foundations of the building are ready for the day of delivery of units to the construction site.


The delivery of the TEKTA modular houses is in accordance with the purchase agreement in each case. 

We deliver the units directly to the work site and they are cargo insured all the way. 


The houses come in large units that are arranged on the construction site according to the drawings.​.

The first step is to lay the fastening straps for the interior and exterior walls on the slab with masonry bolts. This is done before construction begins and a crane arrives at the site.

The buyer has to install/assemble the units and complete the roof steel and roofing (we can help the buyer find tradesmen for the work if needed). 

Installation of the house units can be estimated to take

about 1 to 2 days (with crane and 4 men).


The roof comes in large units that are simply screwed on top of glulam beams in the spine and on top of fasteners in the exterior walls.  Finishing of the roof must be done after the units have been installed.  Roofing boards, laths, roofing steel, gutters and gutters need to be finished.

Completion of exterior wall units includes closing and finalizing unit assemblies.

You can expect it to take 2 people

5 to 10 days to complete these elements (finish the house completely from the outside).


Exterior wall and roof units come insulated with a moisture barrier (ceiling moisture barrier must be applied afterwards). 


The house comes with material for a pipe frame (which has been installed on the external walls of the units) along with gypsum boards to cover the external walls, partition walls and ceiling.   All partition walls come assembled and  one side covered with OSB boards, insulation and OSB boards on the other side are included.

Interior finishing is the buyer's responsibility.