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FÁLKI - 128fm

5 bedrooms

Elegant year-round house 128 fm in size without storage.


The house consists of an entrance room, hallway, 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom has a separate front door, designed to get directly into and out of the hot tub.

The house is fully equipped on the outside, clad with spruce cladding. Windows and doors installed and included in the price. The roof metal sheets and accessories are included in the package. All windows and doors have tripled glass.


The house comes in large units. The units are assembled at the corners.

All our houses come fully painted (2 rounds) on the outside with opaque or colorless fume protection. We offer numerous color options.


You can also get the Fálki with 5 fm of fixed storage, see floor plans.

Fálki 128fm summar.jpeg


Húseiningarnar eru fullbúnar að utan og klæddar með standandi greniklæðningu. Gluggar og hurðir komnar í. Þakjárn og fylgihlutir koma með í pakkanum.  Allir gluggar og hurðir eru með þreföldu gleri.  Húsið kemur ósamansett en í stórum einingum sem síðan settar saman á hornum.  Öll okkar hús koma fullmáluð að utan, með tveimur umferðum af fúavörn (þú getur valið litinn). 

128fm Flat þak.jpeg



All our building solutions are manufactured in accordance with Icelandic building regulations

and meet all Icelandic standards. You can choose from a number of drawings of standard unit houses.  You can also change standard drawings and adapt the houses to each individual's needs.  


Fálki floor plan.png


Fálki facades A roof.png

Appearance A



Price with a flat roof is  23,950,000 kr. (with VAT)

The price with a traditional A-roof is  27,580,000 kr. (with VAT)

The price for floor units is ISK 4,650,000. (with VAT).

Prices for colored PVC windows (other than white) charge is 1,325,£ 000. (with VAT).
The price for panel cladding instead of extra plaster is
800,000 ISK. (with VAT)


* Prices are subject to change without notice and after detailed production drawings have been issued. 

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